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Welcome to News of the World, the brand new news blog.

We are nothing to do with any old newspapers of a similar title, and we have no connection to Rupert Murdoch, News International, or any of the old guard associated with naughty vicars, fake sheikhs, or phoney morality.

News of the.World: The Aims

The aim of this blog is to expose the hatred, hypocrisy and lies perpetrated by most of the world’s mainstream news media. Our message is simple: Hope not Hate. We are working for a better world but to get there we have to be truthful and honest.

Generally, our perspective comes from the centre and left of British politics, although we also have an international agenda. We are not aligned to any political party or person. When it comes to religion, we have no axes to grind, though we do think our opinions are morally sound. Love over hate, compassion over profit.

Our primary intentions are to inform and entertain. Fake news is a genuine problem — especially in the mainstream UK media — and part of our job is to point to the truth.

Please bookmark our home page and follow us when we finally get around to creating a Facebook page.

To achieve success in our mission we know we have to confront the forces of darkness. We aim to be truthful and honest. Please let us know if you ever think we fall short.


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